İstanbul Design Biennial - School of Schools

November 2018

I was envolved as Production Assistant in a project of and PUB Radio in 4th İstanbul Design Biennial, School of Schools which was held between 22nd September and 4th November 2018. We arranged a route in Pera, İstanbul and we had broadcasted for two days driving a paestry car modified into a radio station. (radio espacio estación) is a multilingual radio channel which broadcasts via internet. The channel hits the pavements around the world and broadcasts about motion and movement d uring 24 hours. It generates an aural portrait of the places and make its audiences listen to multilingual talks, music and sound.

The topics of this broadcast in the biennial were ARGO (slang) and learning language and cross-language. It has been discussed how the learning process go through the changes from our schools to daily lives in the streets and what fluid word formations can tell us about how the ideas immigrate.

You can listen to the broadcast here.