Lighting Design as an Urban Acupuncture

Case Study: İstanbul Textile Traders’ Market

İstanbul, 2023
Master Thesis
Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Jan Blieske, Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Michael Rohde


İstanbul Textile Traders’ Market is a building complex that is one of the first significant examples of modern architecture in Turkey designed by the architects Doğan Tekeli, Sami Sisa, and Metin Hepgüler in 1960 in Fatih, İstanbul. In time the building has faced some changes in terms of architecture due to the changing needs and functions and the building has lost its former character. Today, the functionality of the building has decreased even more, although it has great potential as a public space that can serve local people, students, and tourists thanks to its architecture and important location that has relation with Golden Horn, university campuses, and historical and touristic places. The aim of the thesis is to understand the role of lighting in gaining the building back to the public by offering punctual interventions as a consequence of analyzing the current situation and needs of the building and its users.

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