Wittenberge, 2021
Group Project
Dr.-Ing. Thomas Römhild

As part of the course “Lighting master plan as part of the revitalization of a part of the city in Wittenberge”, the light installation was designed by ALD students for the Light Festival held in Wittenberge.

Kultur Haus building and its surroundings were used for lighting.

It was aimed to create a contrast in the facade with cool and warm color temperature uplights with filters. In addition to outdoor lighting, existing indoor lighting of the building was also used.

To create a hall on the ground in front of the Kultur Haus, downlights were hung to the branches of the trees and covered with red filters.

Benches were illuminated in harmony with the surrounding.

The invisible tower of the St. Heinrich Church was also illuminated with the spotlight.

Advertisement boxes were used to hang the lighting installation which represents the torch used in the march of the event.